About Our Project

Imagine that you are trying to start a family. Then imagine your wife goes through four miscarriages before finally it seems that a pregnancy is going to run its course. Imagine your wife never so much as taking a single aspirin when she had a headache.

Fast forward and imagine the big day comes and when it’s all said and done, your wife almost dies, your daughter has a devastating brain injury all because of a simple medical mistake. Everything you had dreamt of for your child has been destroyed. Your child will never laugh, cry, walk, talk, go to school, or even call you daddy. You’ll never scare her first date, congratulate her on a great report card, or walk her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Now imagine that you fully expect that one day, you’ll wake up, and find that your daughter has passed away in the middle of the night. This is my life. I am Samantha’s dad and I’ve come to accept everything I just wrote about. I live every day wondering in the back of my mind, just how much time I have left with Sam. I also spend every day trying to shove as much living into her as I possibly can.

Now my mission in life is to make sure that her name is remembered long after her and I are gone. The only way I know how to do that is to make a documentary about her life and how she overcomes so much adversity and teaches HOW to overcome adversity, without ever saying a word. Doing this, is the LEAST I can do for a little girl who has done so much for me.

What do I know about making a documentary? Up until a few months ago, nothing. I am a mildly successful photographer and never had any formal training. I learned everything I have about photography by reading, trial, and error. What I believe makes this story unique is the fact that at one time I was an independent professional wrestler trying to “make it” in that world. Things didn’t happen quite the way I had hoped by then again everything happens for a reason. With an extremely bad lower back, multiple concussions, bad shoulder, and a litany of other problems I am Samantha’s primary care giver. I am the “Stay Home Dad” or “Mr Mom” if you will. When it was obvious wrestling wasn’t going to be my path in life I floundered a bit and struggled to find my purpose in this world. I made the same mistake that so many aspiring wrestlers did before me and still do – I put all my eggs in one basket.

On February 2, 2006, my daughter was born, and my purpose began to be defined. Seven years later it’s crystal clear this is what I was meant to do; To take care of, to advocate, and now to help others learn about my daughter and how she teaches people so much about overcoming adversity every day – And she never says a single word.

I plan to film for one full year and document the good, and yes, the bad because once completed, I am certain if even ONE person sees the film, and take something good away from it -The film will have been a raging success.

What am I trying to accomplish? It’s really simple in one aspect but very complicated in another. Education. Education because when it comes to families like mine people understanding what is going on when they encounter us and other families like ours, it is really lacking. Samantha has taught everyone who has met her that even though they might have problems, or be having a bad day, that problems and challenges are there to be OVERCOME. Adversity is there to be defeated. .

Even though I have sheltered Samantha as much as humanly possible I owe it to her to share her story and her gifts with as many people as possible.

She’s the Amazing Grace and I’m her Dad

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