Media Coverage

When I began the fundraising process I started first on Kickstarter. The amount I was asking for was commensurate with what I was told by a local production company I would need to do a year long documentary with their help. It failed miserably.

Moving to IndieGoGo was a move urged by my sister because whatever I raised I could keep. I also started my media blitz taking a page out of what I learned in professional wrestling to try and create somewhat of a buzz. 45 days later, you can see by visiting the project page the work was worth it.  1600 emails and 400 phone calls later I hit my more modest, $10,000 goal and then some.

The rocketship story as I call it was done by Billy Hallowell at in their faith section. You can read that story here. I call this story the rocketship story because it shot me over half my goal in about 24 hours.

I changed my strategy after that and started trying to bring my story to media executives. This lead me to NBC News and the coverage they gave me.

I call the Today Show story the “Warp Drive” story because when it ran, I hit my $10,000 goal in about 8 hours.

Finally, Billy Hallowell did a followup talking about what’s next.

To have the funding end 70% ABOVE what I was seeking is a thrilling feeling. Instead of talking to production professionals in hypothetical, I can now talk reality as there is a small budget there.

Through the coverage, our picture with a brief version of the story gained 675,000 likes, on a Facebook page titled, “How Many LIkes for this Photo?” There was two more that I found that put the total “Likes” over one million. Acclaimed documentary filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock designated us the “Kick Ass Doc of the Day” on his August 28, 2013 Twitter update.

Any further coverage this story receives will go here.

For other crowdfunding folks who might wonder how I did it? Perseverance, patience, and a whole BUNCH of time on the phone and email.

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