Amazing Grace and Dad is finished – Now what?

Well after almost two years and a spell of me almost meeting my maker, Amazing Grace and Dad is finally finished. Over the next week the film is going out digitally to all of the people who backed it on IndieGoGo. The hardcopy version will take a little longer as I have to design a cover and secure a company who will print a low run for a reasonable price. I expect that to be complete within 30 days.

Now what? Well, the plan all along has been to take the film on the festival route. Problem is, the film raised $17,005 but went OVER budget by a tad over $14,000. I have ALOT to learn about documentary film making and dealing with others in the industry. Several of my investors have indicated they would like to donate a little more to help offset the added costs and I can’t thank them enough. If the film is successful and gaining entry into these festivals and gets legs I will likely do another fundraiser for travel costs. I’m in debt enough as is. Who isn’t right? If anyone reading this would like to donate, you can click on the button to the left. Anything would be appreciated.

For now, over the next month I’m just going to hope for some positive feedback from my backers and take it easy

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