Welcome to the new followers

I’ve noticed a dramatic uptic in visitors here and on the Facebook site. I just wanted to say welcome to the new folks following our project.

I’ve been using the Facebook page to provide most of the updates to the project but I guess I need to make sure I update the website as well. Filming has not stopped but it’s kind of in a wait and see moment as I’m waiting for a MAJOR piece of footage to be shoot back in Arkansas where my parents live.

That major piece is an interview with my parents on everything they remember about Sam’s early days just after she was born, to the first few months of her life. I know I could have shot that interview myself but I took the advice of some people who have been advising me on making this documentary and arranged for someone else to do the interview. Why? I have a HUGE emotional investment in the subject seeing that I am Sam’s dad and went through all of this first hand. I’m still haunted by the birth as I was in the room for the entire thing. I did not want to inadvertently lead the conversation in any way. I wanted their answers to be completely their own and un-coached. I can say, I wouldn’t coach answers but when it comes down to it if they didn’t remember something the way I did, I might try and get them to remember it my way. I did NOT want that. So, Bob Ketchum at Cedar Crest Studios out of Harrison, Arkansas will be doing the interview.

With it being cold and MAJOR flu season here in North Carolina I have not been doing ANY filming outside of the home. Over 20 people have died here in North Carolina from the flu and while she has received her shot, we don’t take any chances. We do go on our roadtrips but they are exactly that – Roadtrips. 🙂    If all goes well, we will be riding the ferry out to Ocracoke this weekend and then drive up the Outer Banks.

I’ve been asked by many new visitors how to donate. The best way is the donate link on the page through PayPal. As it says, that money will be held for the end of filming process and any money not used will go towards what we hope to be Samanatha’s foundation. A few people have said I am a horrible person for trying to make money off of my daughters pain – My answer to those folks is simple; EVERY DOLLAR that this movie makes, if it makes even $20 will go into a foundation that will be in Samantha’s name. The ultimate dream for me, is for this project to somehow find distribution and enough funds be raised to provide scholarships and equipment for families with special needs children who cannot afford such. Look around the internet at how much adaptive equipment costs and it will blow your mind how expensive it can be.

So….. With that out of the way.     Until next time.

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