Brief production update

Had my folks here all last week. Was able to get some interviewing done that will enable me to consider a few scenes shot, done, ready for music and narration. Problem is still locking down a narrator that I’m happy with. Not giving up on hiring a “name.” Waiting on one possibility to get back to me. Thankfully I’m not dealing with an agent or “people” but able to communicate directly with the person.

Will be hiring someone to interview my folks about their earliest memories of Sam’s hardest days after she was born. I didn’t want to do it myself because I didn’t want to “lead” the conversation in any way. I want those comments and memories to be as fresh and “real” as humanly possible. I hope to have all of that done and shot by the first of the year. If Sam’s health allows and we get to go back to Arkansas for Christmas I’ll be shooting what I’ve learned is a “zero ending.” God willing and if Samantha allows, this will be the ending of the film. I want to do it in the winter because it is all outside and my thinking is that the footage will look more “crisp” without the summer haze. I am from the north central part of the state which is very country and rural.

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